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I Miss Twitter

I closed my Twitter account last month.  I had been ignoring the new Privacy warnings you’d see when you logged in, but finally looked at it. Yow, they advise you they’ll be selling your email, personal information and browser history … Continue reading

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Twitter Notes

I found this old (2009) cartoon I had created in the now defunct Toonlet regarding Twitter Followers.  I just don’t get how people even find me to follow, particularly the Women In Thongs with their behinds raised to the camera…eeww, … Continue reading

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DOA Lives!

Everywhere but Facebook.  I’ve found many of my FB Author friends on Twitter, and most entertainment, gardening and cooking sites. Twitter doesn’t have a community feel, as FB did, but as a newsreel sort of thing, it’s fine. I think … Continue reading

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The 20 Most Popular Twitter Users via Mashable

Mashable has an article about an alleged “accept bug” which would allow you to type in a command based Tweet and have anyone follow you on Twitter, even celebrities who would never think of acknowledging your existence in the Twitterverse. … Continue reading

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Not that I’m feeling anti-social 2.0 or anything, but…

I deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts, so here’s the place to see henceforth what is on my tiny little mind. Cheers 2.0-ers.

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More Things on a Stick Thing 31: More Twitter!!!!

Twitter is most informative and entertaining. I have found over 800 interesting people to “Follow” and, somehow I have over 400 “Followers” though I don’t say much. Our 23 Things guides have us look at Tweet Effect to see what … Continue reading

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More Things on a Stick Thing 27: Twitter

Until recently, I didn’t see that Twitter had much to offer. Suddenly, in the last couple of weeks I think it is a great “newsfeed” of truly interesting information. Once I knew there were news sources, and book publishers and … Continue reading

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