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A Classic DOA Cartoon

In the early days of DOA I did a lot of cartoons. I don’t even remember this one, but I like it.  I should do more.  I actually like Detective Openshut. He may appear again. Note: Bitstrips doesn’t allow you … Continue reading

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On The Desk Closing Time

I’m sorting through my many scraps of paper from my work days when I’d jot down books to read and ideas for comics on scraps of paper. Using the ideas, tossing the scraps. Click to enlarge, as they say!

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On the Desk: Books by Grade

I’ve been thinking lately there will be comics…   Why wait?  Yesterday I was working at The Big Library as we call it here.  I had three questions in a row wherein people wanted books for their children and they needed … Continue reading

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Library of Congress Teacher’s Guide to Primary Sources

It appears the great LC blogs and here’s one we librarians can use for all those kids and their papers needing “Primary Sources”. The Library of Congress Teachers Page: Resources for Getting Started with Primary Sources Click to Enlarge

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The D.O.A. Files: Library Roll-Play

Even in a place where most things can be borrowed for free, some things JUST DISAPPEAR, causing problems for everyone who deals with these unexpected losses. Click to Enlarge

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Shelf Check

My third or so time around on Facebook I’m happy with the many good and interesting folks and sites I’ve found. There is that snarky saying going around that Facebook is the people you went to school with and Twitter … Continue reading

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When is a question not a question? During Survey Week!

CLICK TO ENLARGE We are always counting what we do so that we can report on the state of things in the library world. As with any sort of statistical presentation, we apparently only count certain things, rather than attempting … Continue reading

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