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Gardening Season 2013 Kickoff in D.O.A.’s Garden

I have taken off about five days each spring whenever I can to give my garden a jump start.  Clear away leaves and old foliage, draw new maps of what survived the winter, make plans for new plantings, get my … Continue reading

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Kokonut Kapers

I’ve always driven people mad at family events taking pictures.  Now, muahaha I can take videos. My nephew played a newlywed who comes to an unfortunate island resort where he and his new bride become hopelessly lost in the jungle.  … Continue reading

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Crochety About Crochet

I hosted a class recently on beginning crochet and had my own supplies with me in the hopes of getting a start on some old projects.   I do not, needless to say have The Touch.   I shot this at a sleepy … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Doggies

As I say in this clip, they really are bad doggies.  One of them ate something purple and hacked it up on the carpet upstairs whilst I was relaxing watching Survivor.  Cannot imagine from the “remains” what it was.

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Once Upon a Time: The Queen is Dead

Here it is. It didn’t work out as well as I hoped but had to try it once.  Too long.  Every time I look down at my notes I look 90.  Ewww.  I’ll keep the videos for shorter topics.  This … Continue reading

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DOA on Video Take 2

Freshly showered and slathered with makeup, I try another clip.  Except for slips of the lip at the beginning, I think I got this.  Love how the freeze framing selects the ugliest bit from the clip, yo.

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Testing Testing One Two Three

Trying out my iPod Touch as a video camera.  Lord, I had to create a YouTube channel for this little horror show.  Criminy.

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