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Grimm: PTZD

No idea what PTZD stands for.  The Scooby gang gets to Nick just as he is trying to rip apart a small family.  They get his attention and he chases them out of the house to a barn where they’re … Continue reading

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Grimm Finale

Well, I didn’t see that coming.  The entire Zombie Apocalypse was orchestrated to give Renard’s brother the opportunity to steal and control the newly zombified Nick.  Smooth. On the plus side, Renard has lost his Grimm but he has all … Continue reading

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Grimm: The Kiss

Another loaded episode last night!  The FBI steps in to investigate the warehouse “incident” and the deaths of two of their agents.  Nick is able to recover the gun he left at the scene after his fight with the Mauvais … Continue reading

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Grimm Season Two Premier: Bad Teeth

The Grimm season two opener features a french speaking tiger like creature who can “wipe out an entire village”.  The :Mauvais Dentes” has been sent to kill Nick, of course. This plotline aside, alot happens!  Nick’s mom is of particular … Continue reading

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Grimm: Bigfeet

Shades of the Blair Witch films!  A college age camera crew is out in the woods having a hoot filming footage of themselves at night looking for Big Foot.  One of the guys demonstrates his patented Big Foot howl and … Continue reading

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Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath

In a twist on the Cinderella story, a young couple loses all of their money in a financial disaster.  So that his beloved bride does not have to suffer, the husband goes to his mother-in-law to ask for help until … Continue reading

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Grimm: Leave it to Beavers

In a curiously charming episode, Nick investigates a mob style killing at a bridge construction site.  An Eisbiber has uncharacteristically said no to paying off troll-like Wesen Salvadore Burrell, a city inspector.  He ends up encased in cement. The killing … Continue reading

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