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Cryptogram Time

So noone goes into cryptogram withdrawl, here is one for today (answer on Saturday) CFLKFLOY EQCP QKS HPKY HFYO DKJW YOP UBFPY VBII DG CPQLPX YXQGGFE QJDKL YOP VPQEO.

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More fun with First Lines at "Hey there’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room"

Serendipity! Over at Hey there’s a Dead Guy in the Living Room, Robin Agnew is also thinking about the charm and appeal of First Lines. There is a contest to guess which books the list of posted first lines is … Continue reading

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First Lines

When I pick up a book to see if I’d like to read it, I read the flyleaf/jacket information and the first few lines to see if I like the author’s style and if the story grabs me. First lines … Continue reading

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