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Scrapbooking DOA: Anecdotal Tales

Anyone working on family histories or scrapbooks knows that “interviewing” people and getting stories about the past can really add personality and depth to the stories you’re trying to tell. If the person is speaking of their own past, you … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday, Friday Edition

Facebook, where I mostly seem to post these days, (I have such a nice community of people I know and wish I knew) has an informal “Throwback Thursday” where you post some picture of yourself from another era and everyone … Continue reading

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Black Transparent Dress

One of the pleasures of going through old newspapers is that they really bring the life and times of people you wish you had known to life.   Although all my near ancestors were farmers, you can imagine the women in … Continue reading

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The DOA Scrapbook: Ask Yourself the Questions You Wish You Could Ask

I had a conversation with a colleague one day who is a really avid family history researcher about making sure we let our children know some of the things about us that we wish we knew about our parents or … Continue reading

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HCL’s History Fair

One of my goals has been working on our family history, just going back a few generations, but really making those folks come alive. I attended the 4th annual Hennepin County Library Family History Fair a week or so ago, hoping … Continue reading

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National Day of Listening

It’s always something, isn’t it? Today is the National Day of Listening. Because I’ve been trying to put together a sort of mixed media approach to family history for my family, I appreciate finding out that today is a day … Continue reading

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