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DOA Lives!

Everywhere but Facebook.  I’ve found many of my FB Author friends on Twitter, and most entertainment, gardening and cooking sites. Twitter doesn’t have a community feel, as FB did, but as a newsreel sort of thing, it’s fine. I think … Continue reading

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A Bozo By Any Other Name

Logging into Facebook this morning, a message popped up saying they want to confirm that I am indeed Librariandoa, and that this is the Real World name I would like to continue using. Scan in a document confirming name and … Continue reading

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Facebook Wars!

I recently deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I’m certainly not missing them at all but apparently there is supposed to be some guilt level associated with stepping out of these social circles. A New York Times article entitled Facebook … Continue reading

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No longer Faceless on Facebook

Thanks to my co-worker, I have added a picture of my handsome husband (aka Mr. D.O.A) and I to my Facebook profile. Ms. Libba Bray, Cormier and me who we’ll call LCBM for short, had a wonderful set of photos … Continue reading

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Thing 20: Faceless on Facebook

Boy oh boy it took me alot of tries to create a Facebook account without strictly using my own name. As if I want tons of fans clamoring for my autograph, or my dogs, once I get him on YouTube. … Continue reading

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