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Who In Review

It has been a great season for Doctor Who.  My favorite episodes are often set in the past.   Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror, Can You Hear Me and The Haunting of Villa Diordati were favorites. The Haunting of Villa … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth

I knew from the first moments of Jodi Whittaker’s appearance on Capaldi’s last Who that she would be a great Doctor. Having watched the first Jodi Whittaker Doctor Who episode twice today, I was right!  She is a great Doctor … Continue reading

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Syfy Wire’s Everything We Know About Doctor Who So Far

I personally am always sad to see an old Doctor go, but I’ve liked each new incarnation.  From what I’ve seen of  Jodi Whittaker, I’m sure I’ll love her Doctor as well. Syfy Wire posted one of those appealing articles … Continue reading

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