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Crafts: Getting Started In Crochet

Of all the many crafts I try out, crochet remains the most relaxing and beautiful, working with all those lovely yarns. When you’re just starting out, buying the yarn brands that are widely available is the way to go.  You … Continue reading

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Crafts: My Version Of Patchwork Heart’s Crofter’s Blanket

One of my favorite crochet blogs is The Patchwork Heart.   I love the variety and color choices she makes for her projects.    She has a long list of tutorials and older projects on her blog. One that caught … Continue reading

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The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Carmona

A most welcome gift under the tree this year was the much anticipated The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Carmona of Cypress Textiles. She became one of my favorite crochet artists this year.  Her designs are unique and beautiful.  … Continue reading

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This Week I Liked…

Here’s another weekly roundup! I looked at Instagram, thinking if it had fun ideas and inspirations I might sign up.  Lots of the crafting blogs I follow have Instagram accounts.  They often say sometimes they post more regularly there because … Continue reading

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This Week I Liked…

From the whirl of Social Media, here are a few things I marked as “liked” this week. Patterns    From 50 Shades of Four Ply, a vibrantly colored afghan.  I really liked the combination of small squares and large. From … Continue reading

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Two Sentence Crochet Horror Story

 Double, double, single, treble, missed a stitch! Five rows back, frog, frog, all progress gone.  

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Crochet+Travelers=Science Fiction Dreaming

I’m crocheting like mad. I have seven projects going.  Two scarves, the other various afghans.   When you do something intensely, it can get into your dreams. I’ve also been binge watching the Netflix series Travelers, where they have intense “missions” … Continue reading

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