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What’s Cooking June 26, 2019

This isn’t a nice tiny cake, but fits in the category (made up by me) of company sized cake.  I’m starting to see recipes asking you to sift ingredients, which used to be common, then was ignored.  Of course I … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking May 15, 2019

Starting off, some nice butter drenched “Melting Potatoes” from the Cookie Rookie.  They’re made with Yukon Gold potatoes, though they don’t look like it in the picture. Oven Roasted Melting Potatoes   If you can imagine the disappointment, we had … Continue reading

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Newstand Baking

Don’t you love the colorful recipe books you see while waiting in line at the grocery store?  I used to buy them all the time, without ever trying the recipes.   I vowed not to do that anymore, but two publications … Continue reading

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Googly Cookies

This week I found a big yellow notation upon logging in to DOA: So, there have been some changes in cookies, particularly for my European readers (hai, if you’re out there!)  Google seems to want me to do something too, … Continue reading

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Picky Palate’s XXL M and M Chocolate Chip Cookies

I thought I’d report on my monster cookies.  They turned out great and are perfect dunked in milk.  Nice soft cookies.  Very chocolaty.  I personally was mongo impressed by scooping up a quarter cup of dough for each cookie.  I … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking? You Ask.

Well, since you ask, there is a nice stew in the crockpot simmering away on low.  It smells heavenly. I have all these recipes I’m twitching to try, but there is just me and Mr. DOA so I can’t fill the … Continue reading

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In Search of a Soft Peanut Butter Cookie

I like the taste of the traditional peanut butter cookie, and I liked  making those cross hatches on top as a kid.  Now, as I become Ms DOA Cookiemeister, I want a nice soft cookie.  Those dry old cross hatched … Continue reading

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Just Books, No Cookies!

Libraries offer an incredible array of goods and services these days. Yet almost daily someone will come in or call and ask for something we don’t have, can’t offer, wouldn’t remotely be able to offer even with all the budget … Continue reading

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