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Milking the Story

I haven’t read any of the Bone comics, but Scholastic has a Bone Comic Maker with fun characters and backgrounds for you to tell your own Bone Tale.  They also have Amulet and Smile.

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Sunday Comic: Detective Open-Shut and the Case of the Purloined Cupcakes

Made with Toondoo, text added with Roflbot.

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My Favorite Comics Wordfind

I haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman yet, but everything I know about it makes me wish for comics of the era when I was reading them.  Closer in spirit to my heroes are the television Flash and Supergirl, who happen … Continue reading

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I Read Comics as a Child and I turned out Alright (Right?)

A super cool professor of library science (none of my professors were like this) named Carol Tilley is defending comics as early literacy tools. In an article titled For Improving Early Literacy, Reading Comics Is No Child’s Play at Science … Continue reading

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