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Pop! Yourself!

In case you admired my DOA FunkoPop, you can Pop Yourself:

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Captain Underpants Cartoon Maker

Also from a little scrap of paper. I knew you’d want to know this Captain Underpants Cartoon Maker is still available on the Scholastic site.  You’re able to drag characters, dialog balloons (you can’t write your own dialog, but honestly … Continue reading

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Having More Fun with the Sticky Things

Now that I’m done with the More Things on a Stick program, I am going back through and adding links on my link lists from the many Things I wished to explore more. I’m hoping for another round of Things … Continue reading

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Scary Storytime

Bad dog that I am I skipped ahead briefly to Thing 36, Comic Relief. They had a new cartoon generator which they billed as made for blogs. This is it! Actually you just blog on their site, as it were, … Continue reading

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Cartoon Helpers

Since I can’t draw but wish I could, I continue to look for tools that will do the work for me. Because I also have a small humourous bent, the online comic generators are really appealing! The above is created … Continue reading

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