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Happy Mother’s Day! Create your own video slideshow at

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Snugglebeagles I’ve been looking for a companion for my little beaglemeister since November of last year. My sister loaned me her Golden Retriever and I really loved the way she got along with my beagle pal, and thought to find … Continue reading

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Another Animoto Short

I really like Animoto and am suggesting we use it for pictures of an in-construction building and a building in the remodel process for our official web site. Here is another Animoto short, set to another type of music from … Continue reading

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Love, Mom Well, I’ll be. I finally got it to work. I’m not sure if using a different computer helped, or if I didn’t see something obvious, but there she is, sweet lil mom.

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Animoto’s Kind Support

Thanks to the folks at Animoto for trying to help resolve my problems using Animoto. They suggested I update my Adobe Flash Player and try the Firefox browser. As it turns out I have the most up to date version … Continue reading

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Animoto technical difficulties…grrrrr

So, I read a post about Animoto on the Librarian in Black’s blog (with red hair and wearing black does she look like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or what?) about Animoto which turns your uploaded photos into a … Continue reading

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