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Having More Fun with the Sticky Things

Now that I’m done with the More Things on a Stick program, I am going back through and adding links on my link lists from the many Things I wished to explore more. I’m hoping for another round of Things … Continue reading

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Things and Beyond

Thinginess Here is my first post “post-23 Things”. I am still pleased I finished this time, and ahead of time. I wanted to not only be a “finisher” but I wanted to take control of my blog for my own … Continue reading

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THING 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was not a “finisher” first round. We will ignore just how bad that sounds and glory in the fact that the kind 23 Things people gave myself and other non-finishers the opportunity to work through the remaining things ( … Continue reading

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The 22nd Thing: What I Learned Today

For this thing, I am to make a resolution to maintain my blog, and to ask myself every day what I learned today. Hmmmm. I clearly have designed the blog and the Librarian D.O.A. persona to have staying power beyond … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Almost Live

In an attempt to create and post my own video snippet, Mr. D.O.A. and the darling Doggie D.O.A. used our digital camera to film an ultra short slice of D.O.A. life. If this loads successfully, we have D.O.A. herself in … Continue reading

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Would you believe…Thing 21 of 23?

The social networks in this Thing are a bit more focused and specialized. Gather is aiming to be a sort of gathering place for “ideas type people”, perhaps. I joined the Minnesota Reader’s group and if I can get myself … Continue reading

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Thing 20: Faceless on Facebook

Boy oh boy it took me alot of tries to create a Facebook account without strictly using my own name. As if I want tons of fans clamoring for my autograph, or my dogs, once I get him on YouTube. … Continue reading

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