What’s Cooking July 29, 2020

I use a Betty Crocker Recipe for Spaghetti Sauce, but I’m always will to consider something new.



I love salads in the summer.  I find celery to be wonderfully fresh and crunchy.  An Oregon Cottage has a simple Celery Salad with Onions that would be a nice side dish.

Refreshing Celery Salad with Onions & Parmesan


More potatoes! Oven Roasted Baby Red Potatoes from Natasha’s Kitchen.

Oven Roasted Baby Red Potatoes


Wouldn’t you love to stop at this booth?


The trend for curbside pickup is everywhere.


This cake!  I’d need frosting, but look at the size of it.  All in one piece.  Large, lovely, buttery.

Brown Sugar Buttermilk Cake


This looks tasty to me!



Back to Cake School for Gingerbread Cake, if you can imagine.



These Melting Sweet Potatoes with Maple Butter sound so good.  The 500 degree oven, though.   And the chicken broth?



From Take A Look At The Past, it’s coffee time!


Mary’s Recipes


And, we’re into the CAKES section of my mother-in-law’s vast recipe box.   Very exciting!




So, I love seeing these cakes in shapes.   However, when I look at the diagram, and imagine me cutting the cake into these precise sections, I know bad things would happen.

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1 Response to What’s Cooking July 29, 2020

  1. Kaye George says:

    Wow, you have some terrific stuff here! Thanks for all this.

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