What’s Cooking July 15, 2020

First off my own creation which I call DOA’s Bailey’s Strawberries and Cream Shortcake.  I wanted to try the Strawberries and Cream Bailey’s and wanted a nice strawberry shortcake.  I didn’t find what I wanted, recipe wise, but other recipes gave me the idea for a cream cheese layer and a whipped cream layer that would incorporate the Bailey’s.  The other two layers would be angel food and fresh strawberries.

It is rich, yet incredibly light and airy.  Also very pretty.




Small Angel Food Cake Loaf (at the grocer’s near the strawberries) sliced thin.

Bailey’s Cream Cheese Layer

6 tbsp Bailey’s Strawberries and Cream

8 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese

6 oz Double Cream (I didn’t know it existed! In the specialty cheese section of the grocer’s)

Strawberries five cups, sliced

Bailey’s Whipped Cream Layer

3 tbsp Bailey’s Strawberries and Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream

2 tbsp. Powdered Sugar



Layer One:

Place thin slices of Angel Food in bottom of a glass dish or bowl

Layer Two:

Place Double Cream in a medium sized bowl and beat till smooth.  It’s thick like butter, but soft.  Beat for less than a minute.

Add Bailey’s and cream cheese and beat together till smooth.

Use half of the mixture to spread gently over the Angel Food.  This is thick but it spreads nicely with a butter knife.

Layer Three:

Spread half the strawberries over the cream cheese layer.

Layer Four:

In a medium bowl mix whipping cream and Bailey’s till the whipped cream thickens and has some shape.

Add the powdered sugar.  Mix in well.

Spread half the mixture over the strawberries.

Repeat the layers:

Angel Food, Cream Cheese, Strawberries, Whipped Cream

We tried a splash of Bailey’s on top of our initial sample.  Not needed!  Lovely, lovely.

Recipe References for my Shortcake:





I loved Woolworth’s Lunch Counter, but don’t recall Kmart serving food at all.

I love meatloaf but there’s a tough crowd here so…doesn’t this combination with the green beans and Augratin potatoes look so good, though?  I like a meal to have several elements.



I tend to only make sugar cookies at the holidays, because they must be frosted and decorated.  Here may be a way to enjoy them year round in bar cookie form:

Sugar Cookie Bars


I tried a recipe for Fried Riced that I liked a great deal but the others at the table didn’t care for.  This recipe is just a bit different so I will try again.



I’m still looking for the perfect crockpot mac and cheese recipe.  Let’s try this one from Spaceships & Laser Beams:



From My Cake School, Vanilla Buttermilk Cake.  Note to self, use the cupcakes option from the comments on the page.



Pork Chops are hard to find now, but I’d like to try this recipe, next time they’re available.



Cookie Rookie’s Italian Stuffed Shells would make a nice Saturday Dinner with Garlic Bread and Salad.



Mary’s Recipes





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4 Responses to What’s Cooking July 15, 2020

  1. Kaye George says:

    YUM YUM YUM! I didn’t know they made Bailey’s Strawberries and Cream! Your recipe cards look a lot like mine.

    • librariandoa says:

      Yes! It’s hard to find, too. There’s a chocolate version available sometimes around Christmas that I’ve never found, hehe. Let me know if you try this and what you think.

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