Sunday Puzzles: It’s Sunday Somewhere

Obviously the Sunday Puzzle is a little late. That hasn’t happened in awhile!  My husband came up with the title of the post.  It’s week 5 in the puzzle rotation so I’ve chosen a Cipher Puzzle from Armored Penguin’s Puzzle Makers.

The last time I did one, I used the Caesar type.  Today’s puzzle is a Substitution type.  I’ve used the first two lines of one of my newer books for this one.  Enjoy!  The answer will be up as always on Saturday.  Don’t look till you’re ready!

Kje fkqrpteq wrle dyk da kje fer omve r urkeq tjdfk, srqeaddk rpb uerqmpt kje fwrqf da jmf idyqpex. 

Je uroveb rf ma bqypv kjqdytj kje jrhe da lmfk kjrk woypt omve fzmbeqfmov kd Femmvm.

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