DOA on TV Supernatural: Pilot

I’m trying to distract myself from current events. It’s not easy! Even soothing HGTV isn’t working it’s magic.

Ive been jotting down shows to try and tonight watched the Pilot episode of Supernatural.

Some time ago I started watching an episode, I’ve no idea which one. It was more violent than I expected.

The Pilot episode was more classically scary than what I saw before.  A woman in tattered white way lays and kills men along a lonely road not far from a small city. Brothers Sam and Dean are in the area trying to find their father.

They share a childhood trauma—their mother was killed by some supernatural force when they were children.  Their father has been trying to find the entity (?) responsible ever since.

They solve the mystery of the woman, but Sam doesn’t want any part of a life hunting creatures, he wants to go home his girlfriend and law school.

At home, he relaxes till he sees his girlfriend pinned to the ceiling just as his mother was.  His world aflame, he joins his brother in a search for his father.

Everyone looked so young! Adrianne Palicki was almost unrecognizable.  I’ve only seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on Walking Dead. Kind of fun.


I’ll be watching more.

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