Survivor Week 6 Who Should Go?

This season of Survivor is so much more interesting than I expected it to be.  These folks are all playing hard, and they all know how to win.  This doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes, though.

Adam can’t seem to stop sticking his foot in his mouth.  His confidence in his gameplay and game knowledge is just killing him.  Not a soul trusts the guy.

Parvati has been a target from day one, and just as Rob was rightly targeted last week, if her team looses she’d be a good person to vote out.  Except, she isn’t playing hard, that we’re shown.  She’s barely interviewed.  Maybe she’s actually not a threat and will be kept around long for that reason.

Sandra still isn’t bonding, I don’t think.  Even so, her advice is good, and she’s hugely entertaining and can seem to laugh at herself as a target, thus making others seem more threatening.

Two will go tonight!  So these are my picks.

I just want to note that I thought the log carrying challenge on Extinction was needlessly tough and cruel.  It does prove though that not a soul there has given up on the game.

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