Doctor Who: The Timeless Children (Spoiler Alert)

The title of the episode seems to have been planned to throw off the viewer.  Unless I missed something, there was only one Timeless Child.

The Doctor herself is the child who crossed, nameless, from beyond a Boundary, origins unknown, to be adopted by an adventurer from Gallifrey.

The Doctor learns all of this backstory of Gallifrey and the Timelords from the ever cackling Master.

Here’s where I have to say I have never liked the Master character, and even with the revelations of the episode, I do not see the mad motivation for all his hate and loathing.

Is it just that age-old jealous arch enemy/once a friend character?   Why keep bringing such a character back?

I loved the sequences with the Companions disguising themselves as Cybermen.  Such innocents to be playing at being such evil.

The Cybermen Timelords were pretty fantastic though, with those elaborate gold filee helmets.

I might be developing a fondness for the Cybermen.

Happiness is, an episode where noone you care about dies!   All of the Companions arrived home to Earth.  They didn’t even cruelly kill off the last few bits of humanity from the future.

The Master, meh, I’d be happy if his apparent death stuck, but I know he’ll be back.   He deserves to come back as a miniaturized Master the Doctor keeps in her pocket and consults now and then.

Lastly, somehow the Judoon snapped up the Doctor and popped her in their prison.  What?  Time to mount a rescue.


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