Who In Review

It has been a great season for Doctor Who.  My favorite episodes are often set in the past.  

Nikola Tesla’s Night Of Terror, Can You Hear Me and The Haunting of Villa Diordati were favorites.

The Haunting of Villa Diordati in particular was wonderful for the personalities of Mary and Percy Shelly and Lord Byron.  The ghosts!   You couldn’t tell what was going on for the longest time, and the appearance of a poorly put together Cyberman was certainly a shock.

The Cybermen are not my favorite Who villains, I think the Weeping Angels are the scariest and most threatening.  Still, a good story is being told of their relentless drive to conquer once again.   The moments when our crew realize the ship they’ve taken refuge on is a troop carrier, and that those troops are being activated, yikes!

I totally did not trust Ko Shamus when the Doctor and company met him.   Did he seem a bit like Uncle Owen from Star Wars?   Then I switched and felt sorry that he’d stayed behind to make sure any refugees could make it through the Boundary, and I hoped he’d go through himself.

No, out pops the cackling Master, and supposedly destroyed Gallifrey is in the portal’s background.   We’re warned that THINGS WILL CHANGE FOREVER!

On most shows, this means the now obligatory plot device of killing off a character or two.   It’s now required that SOMEONE DIES in each season, because there’s no other way to make things exciting.  Oh, wait, except there are centuries of plots that did not rely on “shocking deaths”.

I have loved each Doctor in their turn.  The Current Doctor is always my favorite.   Whatever happens tonight, I want The Doctor and her companions to survive, and evil to be at least temporarily vanquished by the wit and courage inherent in Doctor Who.

I am often not a fan of the Companions.   This time around, I love them and what they all contribute.  The Doctor is often a lonely being, but here she has a Team who work so well with her she calls them Fam.

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