12 Years of DOA: From The Archives Of 2018

I made it to 100 posts once again in 2018.

There were puzzles and TV Reviews, but most posts seemed to be about the garden and crochet in 2018.

My archival post features a dream I had where I went from one plane to another, sliding down a rope, only to race against some timer trying to complete some complex crochet stitches inside the plane.

My husband finds this dream and post endlessly amusing, and still mentions it.



Blogger seemed to be having lots of problems.  Comments were “eaten”, it was difficult to use the blogger interface  on my iPad ( which I’m writing this on now).

I had been having problems with spam, some of which was just gross.  I thought I should try WordPress as a platform, starting over a bit, maybe being more serious?  Good luck with that!  Looking back at old DOA, I like the spur of the moment posts more than the scheduled ones.

There were monthly wrap up posts in 2018, and I’ve been considering doing something like to catch up at months end.

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