What’s Cooking February 26, 2020

I made a wonderful Marble Cake this week. I had never made one before, as they’re not a particular favorite of mine.  This cake, though.  Now it is a favorite!


If you look at how long it says it takes to make, four hours! That is not inaccurate.  I must say I used up a high proportion of my measuring cups and spoons making it as well.  I have quite a few!   For once I did everything in the recipe as instructed.


While looking in my cookbooks for a recipe, I came across this fun cake related picture in the 1950 edition of Betty:  Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook  (I have all the years, muhahaha).

You can make a special cake for every month of the year!



Mary’s Recipes

Favorite Meatloaf


Campfire Potatoes





Joan’s Turkey Hotdish


Stuffed Hamburger

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