Survivor Week Two: Who Should Go?

My three picks to get votes at Tribal this week:


Yul:  He’s my first pick.   Not only does he feel in control of the game, he’s the one gathering lost souls as a self proposed leader, he’s the one who targeted the “Poker Alliance”, making a couple of his tribe mates mad, no doubt when they find out it was him.  Also, at Tribal, after Amber was voted out he put a comforting hand on Kim’s shoulder, not missed at all by Sandra who took in the move and what it likely meant in in a heartbeat.  She’s got her eye on him!

Ben:  He thinks he and his allies are in control, at least for now.  This is always deadly, plus he’s star struck by Rob and perhaps others.  He’s going to rappel right down a Survivor hole, and it’s gonna cost him.

Sandra:  Has the idol and nobody knows it.  I suspect they all know she sees herself as the Queen, and they’ll think to dethrone her.  I’m concerned she doesn’t seem to be forming alliances with anyone yet.  I always disliked her in previous seasons, but loved her last time on Island of the Idols, so I’m rooting for her.


The Survivor Facebook page has a fun post up asking you to pick who you think will go this week!  Weigh in!

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