Survivor :They’re Already In Trouble

It turns out that the 2 million dollar prize has gone to everyone’s head, and not in a way that will be useful to them.

I forgot it was a double episode.  My prediction is only good for part one.

As it turned out, Rob’s team lost the challenge and I thought, whoa, they’ll get him right out.  They didn’t think of him at all, and instead everyone got caught up in how close some of the players were to each other, so the people on the block were Natalie and Jeremy and Adam and Denise, who freaked everyone out by going out looking for water.

Shockingly Natalie was first out and was sent to Extinction Island.  Cringe!  This time there’s a twist.  They get Fire Tokens they can spend, and even on extinction there are ways to earn tokens which you can buy food or idols or advantages with them.

In part two, the other tribe went to tribal.  Sandra is mad at Rob for not telling her he was going to be on this Winners at War season, so she targeted Amber.  Everyone else was all over the place with suggestions.

The three people most likely to go were Tyson, Kim and Amber.

An angry Amber joined Natalie on Extinction.

Random notes:

Rob and Parvati teamed up and could not understand why they, the biggest threats, weren’t targeted at all.  The person voted out was part of the pair they wanted out.

Sandra wanted Amber out and poof.

We see who has the power.

First person to say a variation of  “we have control of the game”, almost always a deadly statement, was Yul, followed quickly by Ben on the other team who was also feeling in control.  Let’s see how long they last!

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