Manifest: Grounded

I realize the show is in full roll out a series of new mysteries as soon as you solve any ongoing mysteries mode.

This episode has just too many cans of worms.

Zeke turns himself into the police, then pleads guilty to all charges without a lawyer.   Locking himself away for no good reason.

In order to show that Grace’s baby is Ben’s, the logical DNA test is subverted by Grace hearing her own voice saying no stop! to getting blood drawn.  Leading to a bunch of Grace lines about how she, via the baby, has the Calling now too.  And it likely has an expiration date of June 2024 as the passengers do.    You may think that another reason not to have blood drawn is it puts that sample out there for anyone to get ahold of.

That doesn’t matter, because Saanvi has been spilling her guts about everything to The Major, in her sloppy guise as a “therapist.”   She is also letting the slimy pseudo- oncologist at work get close to her samples of Grace’s blood, and he’s the one who set her up with the Major, so, let’s hope Saanvi snaps out of it before it’s too late.  Perhaps it already is.

Then there’s angsty Olive who now feels really left out of the whole Calling thing, and she is lured by a brochure and a friendly cultish girl to a meeting that is purely some flight 828 anti-group or big fan group.  Come on, she’s a smart girl, angst or not, that airplane logo on the brochure should warn her off.

On the plus side, Vance is closing in on The Major.  Get her!

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