Emergence: Applied Sciences

In case last week’s episode of Emergence had you fearing Piper would never return home, “Applied Sciences”  ratchets up the suspense.

Helen, who seems all powerful, meets her match in Piper.  When Helen dispatches a lackey with her stilleto/claw to the throat, pulling out his chip right in front of Piper, Piper is no longer willing to try to help her.   She’s been working on softening up Benny, and is able to convince him to get her out of the tech lab she’s now trapped Helen in.

Reunited with Jo and family, things are looking great for the family in a huge reversal.  This is what I wanted, of course, but there are two more episodes left in the season and things could go bad 😦

Alex, Jo’s ex-husband has been working with an old friend to find out what the odd liquid magnetic source being ferried around really is, earning him a job offer to move to DC.  Jo takes the news with her typical nonplussed apparent reaction.   Poor Alex!  Tell him not to go!   How those two ever broke up I don’t know, he’s so great.

Agent Brooks, having sprung Emily the computer genius from prison is returning her at episode’s end for some reason along a dark lonely road–where’s the interstate?  Of course, Helen and her goons pop out of an approaching car, shooting Brooks several times (good thing he put on a bullet proof jacket as they got close?) and Emily is snatched by Helen, not surprisingly freed from Piper’s trap.

Eeek!  Two more episodes.  The show is completely unpredictable from episode to episode, maintaining a high level of thrills and suspense from week to week which is not so easy to do.


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