Doctor Who: Orphan 55

Orphan 55 looked like a light episode after the season opening Spyfall (1 &2).   Knocking around in the Tardis, Graham finds an invitation to a resort.  Putting the invitation together like a puzzle, The Doctor and her companions are transported to a desert area, but are greeted by resort staff and welcomed in right away.

Everyone has barely enough time to feel relaxed when the resort is attacked by carbon breathing locals who are determined to destroy the resort and drive the offworlders away.

Survivors of the attack scatter, and a rather large contingent of staff and guests set out in a land rover type vehicle to recover Benni, an  old man who was at the resort to propose to his longtime love Vilma.  Somehow Benni seems to have survived the attack but is held by the Dreg locals.

It’s all a plan to lure everyone away from the resort to kill them once and for all.

Other standout guests are Bella, who Ryan immediately likes, and comically tries various pickup lines on.  Unfortunately, she has some revenge in mind against a staff member and has set bombs all over the resort.

The spa’s mechanic and his talented son Sylas go along for the ride, with Sylas being the savior of the day, and the one with real mechanical skills.

As the Doctor and her group try to escape the Dregs in an underground tunnel, signage there reveals they’re in future Russia, at least a future Russia, as the Doctor explains.  She thinks this is a possible future, which could be avoided.

Just as The Doctor was stricken at the end of the previous episode to see Gallifrey burning, the three Companions have now seen a possible future earth in which all has been lost.

I hope that over the course of the season or next few episodes, the Doctor and her Companions will come to know each other better, will understand that they now all have a dark spot in their hearts, that they can find a way to heal or deal with together.

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