What’s Cooking December 4, 2019

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas?


An unusual gingerbread sculpture!

A Giant Alien Xenomorph Made Out of Gingerbread


If you’ve a few leftover mashed potatoes this holiday season, just two cups will get you some tasty potato cakes.



Betty Crocker uses a pack of cookie mix and their frosting mix to make little trees dipped in warmed frosting.  It sounds and looks simple! (Till you drop the cookie in the frosting bowl).



This fudge from Sweet Tea and Cornbread looks like brownies to me.



These Christmas Muddy Buddies from Plain Chicken are so festive!   I like that you can choose to use just one kind of Chex cereal instead of three.  A few people in the comments had trouble getting the coating on evenly, but it sounds as if you just need to shake it thoroughly in the bag.


Just because mom would like it…


Taste of Home has a big list of cookies to make ahead, chill, then slice and bake.

56 Slice-and-Bake Cookies for Easy Christmas Baking

Mary’s Recipes Oatmeal Gum Drop Cookies


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