What’s Cooking November 13, 2019

From Plain Chicken, some Honey Roasted Chocolate Peanuts.  Nice for a holiday side table.


Plain Chicken has your back, with a tasty looking French Onion Noodle Casserole.  Is that some stuffing on the plate too? And a nice roll?



We’ve got a tough crowd to feed here, but I think these Rustic Italian Baked Sandwiches from English Kitchen could work, some sandwiches could have the Hot Pepper and Olives and some not.   Maybe mine could have a little pizza sauce on them…


On the side to keep everyone’s spirits up, Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch from Brown Eyed Baker.

Hot Apple Cider Rum Punch

The Kitchn has some side dish recipes for you to bring along to that potluck.



Mrs. Claus doesn’t give a recipe link, but these are lovely gingerbread cookies.


With butter, cream and white chocolate chips among the ingredients, this Candy Cane Fudge should be on your list.

Candy Cane Fudge


There can never be enough Macaroni and Cheese Recipes to try.   South Your Mouth’s version uses eggs and evaporated milk among the ingredients.  It certainly looks rich.



I like every vegetable I’ve had except creamed corn (shudder).  I’ve never had Lima Beans.  How can I sneak South Your Mouth’s Country Style Baby Lima Beans onto the table?



Here’s your cookie fix for the week from Taste of Home, purporting to steal Grandma’s recipes on your behalf.

The Secret Cookie Recipes Grandma (Almost) Wouldn’t Share



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2 Responses to What’s Cooking November 13, 2019

  1. Kaye George says:

    Yum! Some very good looking recipes here–thanks!

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