What’s Cooking November 6, 2019

I was looking through my own recipe box last week and pulled out a simple yet tasty looking recipe for Noodles Romanoff.   It used to come in a box and it was good!

My recipe appears to be from an old Betty Crocker Cookbook, and it is nothing like the old mix.  The garlic is overpowering and the sour cream also overwhelms.  I love sour cream and don’t know how it could be so.  But, gross. truly gross.

On Sunday, Parmesan Chicken, Soft Dinner Rolls and Caesar salad from a post a couple of weeks ago.   Here’s a case where it was operator error in each recipe.  The rolls at least were nice, if a bit mutant looking.  My best attempt at dinner rolls yet.


The Parmesan Chicken is dipped in Greek yogurt then rolled in Ritz cracker crumbs.  It didn’t get crispy, and was messy to work with.  I was glad no-one walked into the kitchen while I was working on it.  It was not a favorite

I cheated on the Caesar Salad and used my own dressing. My bad.

The dinner rolls I thought I started in plenty of time, but no.

My new plan is not to use more than one new recipe in a meal at any given time.


I know these wouldn’t go over here, but a woman can dream.

Swedish Meatballs Recipe (Best Swedish Meatball Sauce!) VIDEO


Just so you know….


This Cinnamon Rolls recipe makes 12 instead of 24. So it’s “Perfect Small Batch Cinnamon Rolls”



I notoriously don’t read much non-fiction, but cookbooks have become one of my favorite types of non-fiction to just sit and read.  They’ve got stories, and background, the cooks and bakers have personality and art and dreams.

I loved the LitHub article “Cookbooks are so much more than recipes and photographs”, which gets at the heart of a good cookbook.

Cookbooks Are So Much More Than Recipes and Photographs


Run, Tom, run!


Pillsbury has tips for converting your favorite pie recipe to a slab pie.  That cold be so use ful at this time of the year!



Dessert for Two can help you make your own Puff Pastry!



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