Sunday Puzzles: DOA’s Cipher Puzzle October 27, 2019

We’re trying out new puzzle types for the Sunday Puzzles in the Double Puzzle rotation spot.  The first is a Cipher, which should make you feel like a spy!

I’ve used the first line of a book and ran it through Armored Penguin’s Cipher Puzzle Maker.  It looks like this:

The Letter

Pmabmz Xzgvvm’a bmzu wn kwvnqvmumvb eia vwe ib iv mvl.


Rather than just scrambled words, each letter of the alphabet has been replaced with another letter of the alphabet.  Work out the cipher by writing out the alphabet on one line, then your guesses from what words or letters you can make out create the cipher alphabet.

I used the Caesar Cipher from the Armored Penguin list of choices:  The first choice is “Caesar”. This is a simple cipher where each character is shifted some number of characters within the alphabet.







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