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Sunday Puzzles: DOA’s Canning & Preserving Wordfind

Tis the season to harvest from your garden and store things away for the winter.  Here’s a Wordfind to help you get started.

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DOA’s Double Puzzle Answer for the September 22 Puzzle

I keep trying to make these simpler and they keep getting harder.  Argh.  May replace with a different puzzle type.  Stay tuned!

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DOA In The Garden September 26, 2019

Abutilons!  I’ve grown them as plants gotten via mail order before but not as seeds.  They are so beautiful and papery.   Imagine a pepper that starts out dark purple, gets lighter and eventually turns deep red.  Highly ornamental even … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking September 25, 2019

From A Farm Girl Dabbles, some Apple Bread with lots of nice spices for the season.  Ouch, ouch, using the box grater.  I always have trouble when I use them.   Beautiful, popular succulents that you can eat!  From … Continue reading

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DOA On TV: This Is Us: Strangers

I should have noted the episode name, then I wouldn’t have been upset that we’d waited all this time to see what happened with everyone, only to have a whole episode of strangers, indeed. I didn’t care at first for … Continue reading

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Sunday Puzzles: DOA’s Double Puzzle For September 22, 2019

Greetings!  The Sunday puzzle this week is a Double Puzzle.  I’ve gone back to the scrambled words with circled letters spelling out the phrase for the week.  It’s easier to write the answer key with this type.  It’s a bit … Continue reading

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DOA’s Fallen Phrase Puzzle Answer for the September 15th Puzzle

The quote for this week’s puzzle is from Madame Benoit I’m always trying to perfect a recipe so it is consistently good, but some are always looking to tweak things a bit.

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