DOA In The Garden June 27, 2019

Garden Inspirations This Week:


From BoingBoing

The British library has digitized an old herbal remedy book.  More and more fascinating old documents are being made available in this way.


I continue to admire the creative ways people use old items in the garden.  Old pop bottles and bed springs make pretty hummingbird feeders.


You need to be artistic as well as clever to make wind chimes from tin cans.


Some days…


Rabbits at bay this week.

Squirrels wreaking havok!  Everywhere I dig, they dig.

Hot hot this week, and dry until today when we finally got some of the rain going through the area.

Such an off-puting color I didn’t want to buy it.


The watercress needs a larger pot.

Carefully planted bush beans.  The ruler like thing has holes that give you the correct spacing.  These are overplanted because I’ve had so much trouble with the beans being sheared off as soon as they come up.  Squirrels, I think.

I was going to put bird netting over the beds to protect them from squirrels, but was out, so used frost cloth till the next day.

Agh, no bird netting at the store so I used hardware cloth.  So far, so good.





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