What’s Cooking June 26, 2019

This isn’t a nice tiny cake, but fits in the category (made up by me) of company sized cake.  I’m starting to see recipes asking you to sift ingredients, which used to be common, then was ignored.  Of course I have a sifter.


I’ve just found the Natasha’s Kitchen blog.  I love her videos!  The recipes also seem scrumptious and doable.  It’s still strawberry season!

Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes Recipe


From South Your Mouth Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.  They look particularly light, perhaps because she uses Self-Rising Flour?  I’m willing to try it!



Why am I seeing all of these Pound Cake recipes, and why are they so appealing?  I think this one got me by using the word “butter”.   From Just a Pinch, Old School Butter Pound Cake.  Three sticks of butter and six large eggs, though, yikes.  Christmas cooking?  When everyone is ready to eat everything.   This looks like it doesn’t even need frosting.



Now that we’ve eaten all that and are being rolled towards the door, Dessert for Two comes through with Cinnamon Rolls for Two, which makes four very reasonable and delicious cinnamon rolls in a muffin pan.  You’re welcome.






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