DOA in the Garden June 20, 2019

I’m close to having my garden fully “in”.  Just a few more things to plant in ground and I can turn to a schedule of weeding and feeding.

Also, July and August are prime time for treasure hunting for fun garden ornaments and things that will lift plants out of the reach of rabbits.

I finally put in my front garden, wary because both squirrels and rabbits are hitting my plants extra hard this season.  I put plants in pots that are taller or on stands to make them less rabbit appealing.  I’m trying potted spearmint and peppermint here too, just because it’s so pleasant to brush the leaves, and smell that mint.  Because I never want them in ground and on the loose, they’re on stands.

Still, every morning I look out to see if everything has been eaten.

All of my plants are finally potted up.   I was on a run of buying herbs this year, and bought a Fennel plant.

My planting bible Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte said to keep it far away from your vegetable garden because everything “hates it”.  Awww.


Sweet, soft, feathery plant.  I gave it a spot in the perennial area in a larger pot, and it looks so happy.  Looks nice with the hostas too.

We’re buying a new grass trimmer, fyi.

Also note everywhere the “helicopteropacalypse”.  Getting them out of everything is on the list.

In the vegetable garden, I decided to lay out landscape fabric over the whole area where my raised beds would be.  If the fabric is just under the bed, every time you water the beds weeds and grass want to spring up right around it.  So far, this is working.

In bloom this week:

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