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DOA In The Garden 3/28/19

I’ve started finding fun planters already this season.   Some years there just isn’t anything cute.  Off to a good start.   I love cucumbers, and can actually grow them! Thank, you, foolproof cukes. I’d like to try them in … Continue reading

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DOA on TV: The Million Dollar Mile

I haven’t watched any of the recent competition shows, but took a look at the premiere of The Million Dollar Mile tonight.  The ads are a bit misleading when they talk about “ running through the streets of LA” with … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking Wednesday 3/27/19

Not much, but we can dream: Chef In Training No Knead Crusty Artisan Bread Isn’t it perfect looking?  I don’t mind kneading so much, you can pretend you’re rolling someone’s head around..but that tricksy yeast.   I thought I had … Continue reading

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The 50 Greatest Sci-Fi Tv Shows Its always fun to look at best of lists. This one, from Popular Mechanics has some truly great shows and some truly awful shows.  I thought I should list the ones I personally felt were or are truly great. … Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day Parade, Dublin, Ireland 2007

In an ideal world, we could be in Dublin, Ireland every year for the St Patrick’s Day parade.  I’ve never seen such a display of wonder and imagination.                         … Continue reading

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A Tiny Pie for Pi Day

Today in honor of Pi Day, I’m baking a six inch pie that’s been waiting in the freezer for it’s day in the oven. For me, two small cherry pies are a better fit than one whole pie.  All you … Continue reading

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Maleficent Mistress Of Evil Coming October 2019

I loved the first film’s unique take on a classic villain.  I’m so pleased to see another story about her.

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DOA at The Movies: Annihilation

Annihilation is a suspenseful film about a team of women who enter a zone called “The Shimmer” created three years ago after a meteor crash. Lena, played by Natalie Portman is late to join the group.  Her husband was presumed … Continue reading

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