Christmas Card Crafting

I’ve started my Christmas cards.  As we know, I can’t draw and have no artistic sensibilities, but I can’t resist papers, pens, stamps, sequins and glitter.

The First Set


Just a photocopy affixed with little square glue bits.   I have someone it’s perfect for though.


“Christmas Snow” shaken onto the card after spraying the card with Elmer’s Glue Spray.  Who knew glue came in a spray?  The parts not covered by glue were tacky for a bit, but it’s fine now it’s dry.   The tree is a foam shape from a pack of foam Christmas shapes I got at Michaels one season.  I haven’t quite known what to do with them.   The stamped Merry Christmas is one of those clear plastic stamps from a magazine.  I don’t care for them as much as wood based rubber stamps, they don’t have as nice an imprint.  I had to go over this with a red Sharpie.  I think the sequins draw your eye away.  I love sequins.   I tried some Fabric glue to affix the foam tree to the snowy background.  Mess alert!  So I added some clear Elmer’s.  Let’s hope nothing falls off in the mail.


Here’s another bit of foam.  I used some “decorative chalk” I’ve had forever and never used to add color to it, then used more on the background of the card as well.  I like it. It gives that soft watercolor smudgy look without the mess.  Then I stamped little gold and silver snowflakes on the background.  The Merry Christmas is a rubber stamp, and Santa is a photocopy.   I shouldn’t have trimmed the circle so far, but, it went over the edge of the card and wasn’t going to fit in the envelope.  I used the fabric glue more successfully to affix the foam to the card on this one.   Clear glue to affix the paper to the foam.   There’s a different glue for every purpose.   I must have five different types plus Glue Dot variations.



The car is a new rubber stamp for me this year.  I tried to make it look like the coloring on the stamp.  The color is all Sharpies except the white, which is colored pencil.  Why are there no white Sharpies? Just a stamped greeting.  I thought it needed some last little bit, so the leaf sequins appeared.

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