What’s Cooking Wednesday

Natasha’s Kitchen Banana Bread

As a change from pumpkin bread this week, a hearty banana bread that looks all golden and has raisins and walnuts, making it extra rich.

Brown Eyed Baker’s   Chocolate Dump-It Cake

As always I’m lured by a chocolate cake recipe.  Good thing I don’t make and eat all the ones I bookmark.    The whole “dump-it” cake concept rather than calling it a single bowl recipe is slightly off putting.   We’re talking chocolate cake with lots of frosting though, so away we do dump.

Food 52’s Best Chocolate Cake Recipes and Other Desserts

More chocolate, you say?    I liked the looks of most of the recipes on the list.   I was relieved to see a few I wasn’t interested in.   Even your imaginary stomach hasn’t room for all of this.  There’s even another dump cake, but made in an angel food cake pan rather than a 9×13 pan.
19 Deeply Chocolate-y Desserts, Because It’s Been a Long Day

Give yourself a giant hug, in dessert form.

From Parade Magazine, and gathered by Facebook’s Noble Pig, take a look at   25 Christmas Cookies you need to bake this year

I do try some new recipes each year.   They are sometimes wonderful, sometimes there’s no resemblance to the pretty cookie pictures.   The Grinch Cookies come to mind (sigh).

From the list, Mom on Timeout’s Chocolate Mint Cream Cheese Buttons looked like a really nice addtion to a holiday display.   The recipe makes six dozen, so I’d at least halve the recipe.

From 12 Tomatoes, a Caramel Apple Dump Cake, for fans of Caramel Apples.  That would be me!

Another sweet treat from Brown Eyed Baker, Poppy Chow

I love popcorn, and like Muddy Buddies.   These “chocolate and peanut butter popcorn”   snacks seem pretty perfect.

From King Arthur Flour, a recipe for Peanut Brittle, which should really be made and eaten year round.     The Best Nut Brittle You’ll Ever Make

Grandma’s Cooking

32 degrees.  Aerna wrote she may be here tomorrow, I’m baking buns and bread.

 Grandma would have made a plain loaf of white bread.


For rolls, simple pans rolls are likely, since that’s what my mom always, always made.


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