This Week I Liked…

Here’s another weekly roundup!

I looked at Instagram, thinking if it had fun ideas and inspirations I might sign up.  Lots of the crafting blogs I follow have Instagram accounts.  They often say sometimes they post more regularly there because they can just take a few pictures, put them up without comment, and voila! content and updates.   It was started as an IOS phone photo sharing app, that’s the intended audience.  I personally prefer to use a camera for pictures when I can, that I’d like to save.  So I think Instagram isn’t for me at this time.

Pinterest!  Another site that comes up often when I’m searching for recipes, how-to-do-it information, and gardening ideas is Pinterest.  I thought because Facebook made me kill off my DOA account that Pinterest access was gone as well.  Ha, no, DOA lives!  I just never did anything with it.  Therefore, I’m willing to spend time finding things in my categories of interest, and use those things here in the future. Whoo hoo!



From the Cypress Textiles Blog, 8 Crochet Joining Methods for Square Motifs.  Believe it or not, I am approaching the point of joining on several projects, and these join methods can make a blanket look just that bit more beautiful.

The ever clever Polka Dot Chair has a timely post, More Than 25 Halloween Sewing Projects for those of you who can sew, or those who would like to get started with one of these projects.   I love the…

Witches Silhouette Pillow

…and the Black Cat Embroidered face pillow

From the Itsy Bits and Pieces blog, a post called Thrift The Look, where she and several other bloggers look at an inspiration photo from Country Living Magazine, then try to recreate it from thrift store finds that match the look and feel of the original.   Quite a fun idea.  Itsy Bitsy (can we call her that?) is very clever and has some artistic and crafting talents that make her effort pretty great.  She tells how she did it all.  This might inspire you to try to recreate something you see in a magazine.

The Original

Itsy’s Re-creation


My mom made wonderful Chicken and Dumplings, but very rarely.  I’ve tried recipes over the years, and the dumplings and I never meshed.  They were balls of weird dough, or the dough dispersed into a liquidy mess once dropped in with the chicken.  Very sad.   Two Peas and Their Pod have a tasty looking recipe I may try.

I’ve come to like Chicken Caesar salad while dining out (though last night I had one that was gross and bore no resemblance to any other I’ve had).   This recipe from The English Kitchen looks really nice.

She also posted a Maple Cake  that reminded me of a cake with a Brown Sugar Penuche frosting I used to make, but this seems richer and yet more delicate.

I’m still craving chocolate cake, and may try this one next.  Another nice 8×8 pan recipe.


The wonderful Mystery blog The Rap Sheet has a list this week called Taking in the Sites.  It’s his yearly list of the best mystery and crime blogs out there.   I have some of them on my blog list, and will be adding more to the Books and Authors section of my blogroll.

CrimeReads has many great reading lists.  This week I noted   

I always mean to read David Liss, and I love Lyndsay Faye.    I like other works by Robert McCammon.   Was unable to read The Alienist past the first few pages.     Anne Perry’s The Cater Street Hangman is excellent.    I’ll be most interested to look at some of the others.

 Beauty and Humor

Gardeners Two Women and a Hoe know their stuff.   I look like this with or without mascara.

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  1. lemr2 says:

    I am going to make chicken and dumplings! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Let me know how it turns out!

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