Syfy Wire’s Everything We Know About Doctor Who So Far

I personally am always sad to see an old Doctor go, but I’ve liked each new incarnation.  From what I’ve seen of  Jodi Whittaker, I’m sure I’ll love her Doctor as well.

Syfy Wire posted one of those appealing articles last week touting “Everything We Know So Far“, with the exception being, no one knows the premier date beyond a vague  “Fall 2018”.  We’re there!  Bring on the Doctor.  Perhaps they like beginnings and endings on Christmas.  Does that count as Fall?

My thoughts on what they talk about

Hate her shirt.  Can’t stand stripes.

Excited to see a new Tardis Interior!

New Sonic Screwdrivers are fun.

Three companions might be too many.  While I always love the Doctors, I’m not always fond of the Companions.  Perhaps if there are three there are higher chances of a likeable one?

New writers and directors may liven things up.  I can’t imagine they don’t know Who they’re writing and creating for, so they’ll be lively but careful is my hope.

Daleks are a no show?  I may have mentioned I don’t care for them, so it’s all good!

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