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This Week I Liked…

Here’s another weekly roundup! I looked at Instagram, thinking if it had fun ideas and inspirations I might sign up.  Lots of the crafting blogs I follow have Instagram accounts.  They often say sometimes they post more regularly there because … Continue reading

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This Week I Liked…

From the whirl of Social Media, here are a few things I marked as “liked” this week. Patterns    From 50 Shades of Four Ply, a vibrantly colored afghan.  I really liked the combination of small squares and large. From … Continue reading

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September’s First Line Cryptogram Answer

The answer to last week’s cryptogram is: In case that’s hard to read:   AWVFV DL QR VQX RI AWDQUL DQ AWV WVYFA. THERE IS NO END OF THINGS IN THE HEART. This is the first line of Lost Light … Continue reading

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Milking the Story

I haven’t read any of the Bone comics, but Scholastic has a Bone Comic Maker with fun characters and backgrounds for you to tell your own Bone Tale.  They also have Amulet and Smile.

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Two Sentence Crochet Horror Story

 Double, double, single, treble, missed a stitch! Five rows back, frog, frog, all progress gone.  

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Not Everyone Can Be Superman, These Were Worthy Of The Suit

My favorite superhero has always been Superman, based on reading the comics in my teens.   He’s a special, idealistic, noble character.  He simply hasn’t any flaws. Henry Cavill has been the most recent Superman.  A terrible, dark, awful Superman.  He … Continue reading

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The 1918 Fannie Farmer Cookbook from Bartleby

Since Cooking Season has begun, you’ll want to Bookmark the 1918 Boston Cooking School Cookbook, otherwise known as the Fannie Farmer Cookbook from The entire book with 1,849 recipes is available, just select your menu items. Here’s a nice … Continue reading

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