Pictures From A Garden Tour

I haven’t been on a tour of local gardens in at least several years.  It is so nice to see what others are growing and to get inspiration for your own garden.  The tour was the “20th Artful Garden Tour 2018” in the Hudson, WI area.

My garden is so small now, but I came away thinking  a nice path leading through the garden is a very fine thing, and plants stand out so much more with good spacing.  I’m not sure there is any good way to make a nice path in my garden, but I’m pulling plants this season, and I may move  or pull some of the tradescantias which I love, but which move all around everywhere way too fast.  I didn’t see them in anyone’s garden today.

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2 Responses to Pictures From A Garden Tour

  1. Kaye George says:

    Gorgeous! I don't know if I dare post a picture of my garden. I'm having a LOT of trouble with the weeding.

  2. In my garden heyday, I used to sort of daydream about having my garden on a tour. Not anymore, but I do enjoy it, just for myself. Oddly I’m fighting weeds in my veg garden this year more than any other spot. We plan to get mulch mid July, that should help.

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