WIP Wednesday: Caron Cakes Faerie Cakes and Super Saver Minty Big Blocks

I saw a picture of a project on  the Left in Knots blog of a charming hat pattern:


I loved the colors so much I looked to see what the yarn was.   Ah, Caron Cakes Faerie Cakes, a very sweet green set.   By chance, I happened to have some, but just a few cakes.  Nearby sat some  Red Heart Super Saver “Minty”.   They looked perfect together.

I made squares that were a bit large (center and four rows of Faerie Cakes, one row of Minty).   The color just unfolds so beautifully, and the Minty frames it so well.

My first cake made 15 of these large blocks.   I have four of the cakes.  So, I’m thinking  I’ll make all the Faerie Cakes squares, then make a set of solid Minty squares to go around the outside to frame it.  I think the size will be just right.

I hadn’t looked closely at the Faerie Cakes to see that the color runs are different in each cake till I went to take pictures.

 That really won’t make any difference at all.   I love seeing the colors play out as I work.  I kept mine in order as I made them, so you can see on my first cake the way the variations played out.  That Minty really unifies the squares.  I can’t say enough good things about these yarns and how pretty they are. Sigh.

I’m going to finish this,  but for the future when I get a Caron Cake, I’m going to check for an accompanying Super Saver color.  The Caron Cakes are about $8.00 each, which I find to be expensive.  This is why you want to watch the Michael’s adds like a hawk.   Pro tip, hahahaha.

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