Garden Catalogs: Early Arrivals

It is bitterly cold as it hasn’t been in ages.  Luckily, a gardener need never despair, or care about the current weather.  The new year’s garden always lies ahead, and seed and plant catalogs fuel dreams of warm air, blue skies and sunshine.

My favorite catalog so far is from Park Seed.  The color photographs of the plants are larger and more stunning than ever.  They offer plants as well as seeds if there’s something you’d like to try but don’t feel confident growing from seed.

The dream plant from this catalog for me would be Rosa La Park.  I haven’t grown roses for a long time, but maybe just one more try.

Jung Seeds and Plants

This year the Jung catalog is bursting with trees and shrubs and perennials that I’d love to impulse order.  Look at the cover. I’d love to try every one of those except the corn.  (Tragic things happen to corn when I try to grow it.  Last year the entire plants were just carried away by something.)   I’m not giving up forever, but I’m taking a break from corn heartbreak.

Top pick here will be Sparkling Stars Pink Astrantia

Although you can find many Burpee seeds in stores, their catalog is gorgeous and packed with such a variety of beautiful things.

Top pick here is Morning Glory Party Dress

Just arrived in today’s mail is the Territorial Seed catalog.

I have such good results with their seeds.  They have a broad selection of herbs, vegetables and flowers.  Some of my favorite annuals the past couple of years have been nasturtiums, which trail beautifully from hanging pots all season.

Nasturtium Night and Day will be a stunner, I know.

Gurneys offers fruits and vegetables.  They make me wish I could grow grapes ( I tried once, of course I did).

So since we’re dreaming, I’ll pick RazzMatazz “the world’s first continual fruiting grape.”   “Easy to grow in a container.”   That would solve some of my former problems in which the grapevine tried to take over the world.

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