Monthly Wrapup November 2017

I’ve had a ton of fun with the posts this month.  I tried for a wide variety and think I have that.  I’m still a fair few away from my goal of 100 posts for the year, but I’m confident I’ll get there.

I learned new things!

Taxgedo the word cloud maker lets you put your clouds in shapes.  Love my cat shaped cloud.

I finally learned how to resize pictures in Photoshop Elements, and could fit pictures on my Thanksgiving cards.  They had to be 3×5 to fit the blank cards I have.  Voila.

 I just need to figure out layers.  I’ve found several good YouTube videos that might help.

Podcasts!   While looking for five for each topic I found many more interesting podcasts to try out.  Now that the pressure of daily posts is done, I’ll re-do my podcast list and include some of the others.  There were enough to do with gardening and books to consider giving them their own link lists under their blogroll categories.

I am enjoying the Fiction podcasts.  Limetown will return in 2018!  There was a little mini-cast this October saying they’d return then. The original set aired in 2015, so how lucky to just listen to it now and be all ready for it’s return.   A little bit mystery, a little bit radio show, a little bit X Files.

The Most Popular Posts This Month, In Order:

1.  DOA’s Ten Favorite Star Trek Episodes: The Original Series

2. Movie Monday: Five Upcoming Films

3. Embroidery Tuesday: Embroidering Rudolph

4.  DOA’s November Blog Challenge! En Garde!

5.  Quotable

I still need to hit 100 posts!  I’ve ideas for but not planned dates set for some fun December topics.  I enjoyed many of the memes/post subject ideas I tried and they’ll appear again sometime.  Particularly the monthly wrapup.

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