Stranger Things Season Two

I’ve only watched the first two episodes.   It’s the same wonderful, scary show as season one.

All of the scenes with the kids are great, and just as in the first season… the teen segments and adult segments… they make me twitchy.

I like the new girl.  Ha ha, the boys are smitten because she has the top score on all their favorite games at the arcade.

I want to like Sean Astin’s character, but he seems like a plant by the bad guys and I don’t trust his seeming sweetness.

Edit: I stayed up till 1:00 am and watched the whole series! Nine episodes. I was wrong about Sean Astin’s character, and another likely villain also acquitted himself well in the end.

11 goes on a journey that serves her character development well, but part of it was the only uninteresting sequence in the whole show.

The entire series is filled with great character moments. Justin shines.  Lucas is great, and doesn’t deserve his little sister.  Powerful stuff for Will.  Mikes best moments come with Will and 11.  Hopper much more human this time around. Joyce may drive the school secretaries and sheriff’s office staff nuts, but if you’re a kid with monster trouble, she’s the mom you want to have.

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