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Happy Halloween!

I love decorating for Halloween.  I don’t dress up anymore, of course, because my spouse is the official Trick or Treat person.  He dons a variety of outfits but has settled in recent years for his Yoda Hat and Googly … Continue reading

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New Blog Header

Time for a Refresh!   The new header is via  Lots of text and font options, very cool!   Found on my old favorite Idea Generator the Generator Blog (not updated since 2013, but many of the links are still good).

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Stranger Things Season Two

I’ve only watched the first two episodes.   It’s the same wonderful, scary show as season one. All of the scenes with the kids are great, and just as in the first season… the teen segments and adult segments… they make … Continue reading

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I Write Like…

You may remember this meme from Facebook a few years ago.  You put a sample from your blog or some other writing in a box, it gets “analyzed” and you find what famous writer you “write like.” I Write Like … Continue reading

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Savory Sweet Life’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

I’m the only one in the house that likes stuffing with their Thanksgiving meal, but I truly love it.   I usually just buy packaged breadcrumbs and use the recipe on the label. Sometimes, a recipe comes along that looks simple … Continue reading

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Yarn Weights

I am trying to only buy yarn for particular patterns, but sometimes the Michael’s ads send me drifting off to look at yarn on sale.  They do have those nice printed patterns right in front of various yarns to give … Continue reading

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Red Heart Holiday Table Runner

Red Heart has many free patterns on their pages.  They’re starting to come out with Christmas patterns.  Some I’d never be interested in, but lacy beautiful crocheted table runners are very interesting. This particular one is labeled for the Intermediate … Continue reading

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