In the Garden, With the New Camera

I’ve had a new camera for a few months, and I have finally been successful in taking a few pictures with it.  The thing has thwarted my efforts to even look through a viewscreen, and die horribly if you think you’re taking any pictures.   You should see the language in my little notebook as I’ve tried to figure it out.  Bad dog.

I wanted a pretty nice camera for closeups of flowers, cookery and crafts.  The camera has auto-settings for those things, but it doesn’t want you to use them.   Let’s not think about it anymore, and say, my what lovely closeups you have, CameraIdiot.

Aren’t they all so beautiful?  I need to work on angle and composition, but these little plant portraits are what I had in mind.

Wish me luck.

Note: we’ll be refreshing the wood mulch in this area in August so it will look nicer all around.

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