Twitter Notes

I found this old (2009) cartoon I had created in the now defunct Toonlet regarding Twitter Followers. 

I just don’t get how people even find me to follow, particularly the Women In Thongs with their behinds raised to the camera…eeww, do you sincerely mind?  I also wonder why those accounts don’t get popped by Twitter.  I’ve gotten so any new follower with a profile pic of a young woman with a certain look in her eyes…I don’t look at the posts, I just hit the block button.

I haven’t many followers even though I’ve been active for awhile now.  I could have more, Thong Women excepted–but my policy is to follow or block.  I look at the persons profile and posts and if I feel they’re someone with my interests who might be interested in what I have to say, I follow them, if not, I just block em.  I also look at how many people they’re following and are being followed by.  The folks who follow ten trillion people and are followed by the same number or a low number…hinky city.  If I looked at my own numbers, I think hinky city, lol.  Pay attention, people.

Followers aside, I find Twitter to be a much more pleasant place than Facebook ever was, there is a much more positive attitude, but maybe I only follow perky people.

This was all just an excuse to use my old cartoon.  Have a good day!

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